I live in a neighborhood in which nearly everyone is either a pharmacist or an employee of UPS. I discovered this strange and unconnected information at the first ever block party given by the community.

Many years ago, a group of pharmacist friends heard about a newly developed Shangri La created in a tiny suburb. It is a secluded space that boasts expansive wooded lots, winding roads, wildlife, a lake, and a clubhouse. Tired of the noise, congestion , and the city itself, the pharmacist friends bought homes in the newly developed community.

Once upon a time, UPS constructed a facility in a neighboring town merely minutes away from Shangri La. Many of its employees moved into Shangri La to be closer to their work. Everyone kept to themselves and nobody bothered anybody. Doors were left unlocked, toys were left outside and everything was left alone. It took twenty five years for the residents to decide to talk to each other. And thus the first annual Block Party was born. I met Moe at that block party – he had been living across the street from me for years.

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